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Attack on Greenpeace and Ekovakhta Firefighting Expedition

Update: VIDEOIn nearly 25 years of work in Russia, this is the first attack on Greenpeace and its activists. Environmentalists call on everyone to join in cyber-actions and demand that the Interior Ministry and FSB investigate this crime.

Statement by Greenpeace Russia:

“Unknown men in masks with weapons attacked Greenpeace Russia’s voluntary forest firefighters, who came to Kuban to put out the fires. Our activists wanted to save the area’s precious environment, but since their arrival someone has been interfering with all of their strength with their fight against fires and arson. On the eve of this attack, they could not go to the aid of the Ministry of Emergency Situations for the whole day: their departure was blocked by people who call themselves Cossacks. Activists had hoped to begin putting out the fire the following day, but they were attacked by unknown people in the night. They threatened to kill the expedition’s leader, Grigorii Kuksin, severely beat our expert, Mikhail Kreindlin (broken nose, concussion) and a volunteer from Transbaikal, Andrei Polomoshnov (multiple injuries, a suspected broken rib), threatened the women firefighters with knives and pistols, smashed a car, and damaged firefighting equipment.

Peace activists should not suffer for saving the environment. SEND AN EMAIL to the Interior Ministry and FSB telling them to thoroughly investigate this crime!

We want to know the truth, what hindered our firefighters.


Have been extinguishing fires in different regions since 2010. Group leaders went to training for leaders of forest firefighters in the profile institute for advanced qualifications. Every year, they patrol the regions of Central Russia and the Northwest, helping to protect the Astrakhanskii reserve and the future national park “Ladoga Skerries.” Every year they extinguish hundreds of fires, saving tens of settlements, and they instruct other volunteers.

MIKHAIL KREINDLIN – one of the top experts in environmental legislation. Since 1985 he has defended protected areas from poachers. He is known in each reserve. He protected the national parks “Samara Bend,” “Yugyid Va,” the reserve “Utrish,” and the future national park “Ladoga Skerries.” Over 20 years of putting out fires in natural areas.

GRIGORII KUKSIN – the leader of Greenpeace Russia’s firefighting project. A professional firefighter, more than 16 years of putting out fires. One of the most authoritative experts in the country on extinguishing peat fires. Every year, he teaches tens of volunteers and helps establish volunteer firefighting groups in “burning” regions: from Leningradskii Oblast to Siberia and the Far East.

ANDREI POLOMOSHNOV – the leader of the voluntary forest firefighters of Transbaikal. He gives all of his strength to helping the Transbaikal region, where the forest is on the verge of extinction due to the unrelenting fires.”


About an hour after the firefighting expedition left the base, on which the attack occurred, and headed out to Krasnodar. That fire was not extinguished late in the evening due to a late arrival (hindered by the Cossacks) and poor visibility, and has not yet been put out. “Smoke from the fire is easily visible by car. Again our cars were stopped at a traffic police post where they took their time checking documents,” reported one of the expedition participants. It is also known that, at the place of the attack, investigators were working. OVD-Info reports that in fact the attack has opened criminal proceedings.


Demand of the governor of Krasnodar Territory an investigation. People have begun to send corresponding appeals. The Director of the community organization “Buryat Regional Association on Baikal,” Sergei Shaphaev, urged everyone to follow his example and utilize a community approach. To make an appeal, one can use the following text, or write their own. The web contact for Governor V. I. Kondrat’ev, where appeals should be sent: http://admkrai.krasnodar.ru/sendletter/

Text for the Appeal:

“Last night, in the farm area of Sadki Primorsko-Akhtarskii district of Krasnodar region, eight unidentified people in masks attacked, unprecedented in its audacity, the camp of volunteer firefighters from different regions of Russia, who came to extinguish fires in Beisugskii meadowlands and the wetland marsh areas of the Akhtaro-Grivenskoy estuaries. Two people were hospitalized. I ask that an investigation into these facts be promptly initiated and that the guilty are brought to justice in accordance with the law. We demand that the security of Russian citizens, exercising their constitutional right to a healthy environment, is ensured. The location of the volunteer camp is shown on the site: http://ewnc.org/files/images/2016-09-09_AntiFire-Lager.jpg

An answer should be sent to the following email address.”


The leader of the firefighting expedition, Grigorii Kuksin, told the details to Activatica

In the words of G. Kuksin, who leads the Greenpeace Russia firefighting project, last night at one in the morning, the expedition camp was attacked by eight unknown men in masks, armed with pistols and knives. At that time there were 18 people in the camp, but the majority of expedition members were sleeping at that hour. Only those on duty were not sleeping, and they were able to raise the alarm, and were more prepared than others. The one who suffered most was the leader of the Greenpeace project on specially protected natural areas, Mikhail Kreindlin – he has a concussion and a broken nose – and the leader of “Voluntary Forest Firefighters of Transbaikal,” Andrei Polomoshnov – he has severe injuries. Both were taken to the hospital for urgent care.

Grigorii Kuksin was sleeping at the moment of the attack, but when he got up, they immediately pointed two pistols at him and laid on the ground. In his words, it’s not difficult to find the camp, as the movements of the expedition are constantly tracked, at all times different cars followed them. As a result of the attack, seven tents, in which participants slept, were slashed, windows were broken on one of the cars, and on the other the tires were sliced. The firefighting equipment was not damaged. “They were in a hurry, their task was to frighten us, not to systematically dispose of people or equipment, so those on duty were hurt, who tried to warn everyone” – said Grigorii Kuksin over the phone.

The cars which the attackers came in were parked far away. The attackers ran to the camp. All of them were in identical grey clothes with hoods, had masks on their faces, and had knives and pistols.

“This is total nonsense, I cannot wrap my head around it, it is not profitable for anyone – not the governor nor security officials – to arrange this in the region prior to the elections. All the more that the government had reached direct agreements on working in the region. There is not a logical reason, why this intimidation was selected. Now this is a serious Russian scandal,” said Grigorii Kuksin.

The expedition members have not yet decided whether they will continue their work in the region.


“I tried to block the gate, but they pointed their pistols at the car window, and they said go, lie down on the ground, they kicked a bit, shot near my head, and doused me with some sort of chemical” – Grigorii Kuksin. In his words, “the attack occurred around one at night, the attackers climbed over the fence. They had batons, knives, pistols. They damaged the cars, sliced the tires, sliced the tents, and beat people. They said that if we did not get out of here by morning, then none of us would be found, because we cleaned out “to our America, our [slur].” On the gates they painted “Here are [slur].”

“Mikhail Kreindlin (a specialist in environmental legislation, Greenpeace Russia – ed.) was on duty this night. He tried to call the police, and showed them active resistance. He was badly beaten, his nose was broken, and he likely has a concussion. Andrei Polomoshnov’s ribs were broken (volunteer firefighter from Transbaikal – ed.). I tried to block the gate, but they pointed their pistols at the car window, and they said go, lie down on the ground, they kicked a bit, shot near my head, and doused me with some sort of chemical junk.” Details



At night, unknown men in masks attacked Greenpeace’s firefighting expedition in the Krasnodar region. “At 1:07 at night, in the sleeping camp, located near the Great Kirpilskii estuary near the farm area of Sadki Primorsko-Akhtarskii district, eight young bulky men attacked. They beat several people, damaged several cars, one of them threw stun grenades… Especially injured by the attack were Mikhail Kreindlin, head of Greenpeace Russia’s program on specially protected areas and Andrei Polomoshnov, the leader of “Voluntary Forest Firefighters of Transbaikal” – reports the site “Environmental Watch of the North Caucuses,” activists who also took part in the firefighting expedition. The injured were sent to the hospital. From employees of Greenpeace it has been learned that Mikhail has a broken nose but no life-threatening injuries and he is now released form the hospital. Information on Andrei is specified.


On the eve of attack, people who call themselves “Cossacks” repeatedly interfered with Greenpeace employees and volunteers heading to the fire, which is threatening the protected Ramsarskii wetlands. Cossacks surrounded the camp and and physically prevented activists from beginning to fight the fire. Although no official claims were brought against the environmentalists, the unfolding campaign was carried out in a clearly planned manner. Local police carried out “anti-terror” checks of firefighters’ documents, and the management of the tourist base “Little Beysug,” which whom the activists’ accommodations had been agreed upon in advance, suddenly began refusing rooms and even tried to return the money. As a result of these actions, extinguishing the cane fire was thwarted.


The goal of the expedition is to fight the fires in the wetland swamps of Beysugskih meadowlands and the Akhtar-Grivenskoy estuary system, which have become a real disaster for these natural areas. Who took it upon themselves to interfere with the activists in their noble mission?


Volunteers departing for the Krasnodar region. They didn’t suspect, what awaited them… - Photo from the community of volunteer forest fires on Facebook

In the opinion of Environmental Watch of the North Caucuses (“Ekovakhta”), the commercial interests of a certain Igor Dzheus stand behind the attack – the director of the Beysugskii spawning-hatchery on the grounds of the lower Beysug river where massive conflagrations occur annually. Environmentalists suspect the businessman of intentionally causing reed and grass fires with the goal of clearing the site. The conflict has lasted not one year – Mr. Dzheus denies the accusations, and even filed a lawsuit against “Ekovakhta” to protect his honor and dignity, which was estimated at a million rubles – but he lost.

If it is true or not – it’s hard to say. The Krasnodar region “glorified” the use of parallel power structures against activists for purely political motivations – not so long ago, for example, Cossacks attacked compatriot Alexei Navalny in Anapa.

Photos – Ekovakhta of the North Caucuses, Greenpeace

Translated by Lilya Lvovna Morevna

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Нападение на пожарную экспедицию Гринпис и Эковахты

UPDATE. Задержанных сегодня днем в Адыгее пожарных отпустили из полиции, и они отправились тушить пожар. "Почти четыре часа полицейские удерживали наших активистов, которые спешили на пожар. Но наконец-то выехали тушить", сообщает Гринпис России

Несмотря на вооружённое нападение, противопожарная экспедиция на Кубани продолжилась. Вчера

пост 09 сент. 2016, 8:24

Нападение на пожарную экспедицию Гринпис и Эковахты

UPDATE. Задержанных сегодня днем в Адыгее пожарных отпустили из полиции, и они отправились тушить пожар. "Почти четыре часа полицейские удерживали наших активистов, которые спешили на пожар. Но наконец-то выехали тушить", сообщает Гринпис России

Несмотря на вооружённое нападение, противопожарная экспедиция на Кубани продолжилась. Вчера